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Over 200 Years of Historic Cartoons!

When was the first use of Uncle Sam in a cartoon? Which president had a stuffed animal created in his name after a cartoon of him was published?

Find out by learning from our collection of cards covering over 200 years of American history.

The 50-card set touches upon major moments in American history from the colonial period through the civil rights era, and the 25-card set contains faithfully recreated WWII cartoons and posters with detailed explanations. 

Each card is printed on high quality card stock in the original color and style. On the reverse side of each cartoon is a full description of the historical context and an explanation of the image. The cartoons are contained in a high quality bamboo or plastic keepsake box. Tour through history in a novel and entertaining way!

Welcome to Historic Cartoons!

  • This box is awesome! Every cartoon is fun and entertaining.

    -Ana (Chicago)

  • There is so much information packed into every card! This is an entire course in American History. I learned so much.

    -James (Utah)

  • I bought this for my father for his birthday and he thinks its one of best gifts he's ever received!

    -Susan (Michigan)

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