Frequently Asked Questions

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Teddy Roosevelt Cartoon

What are Historic Cartoons?

Cartoons have been used throughout history to convey political ideas and current events in an entertaining way. Historic Cartoons are a unique, fascinating, and entertaining way to learn about history. What were Americans thinking about during the Civil War? View a cartoon from the 1860's to find out. 

How much does a box cost? 

$36.99 per box.

What comes inside a Historic Cartoons Box?

Each Historic Cartoons box comes with 50 fascinating and unique cards. Each card has a cartoon printed on one side and an explanation of the cartoon on the other. Each explanation includes the cartoon's title, author, and date of publication along with an explanation of the historic context of the cartoon and an analysis of the details of the cartoon.

What topics do the cartoons cover?

The box of 50 historic cartoons covers over 200 years of history from the 1750's through the 1960's. Topics include the American Revolution, Civil War, Civil Rights, Politics, Public Health, and many more. 

How do you ship?

Via UPS. The cost is calculated at checkout and based on your address and weight of products ordered. 

Where do you ship?

Shipping is available worldwide via UPS. The cost is calculated at checkout and based on your address and weight of products ordered. 

How do I purchase a box of cartoons as a gift?

To purchase a box of cartoons for someone else, simply fill out the gift recipient's shipping information at checkout and use your own billing information.

Where can I see more products?

Visit for a monthly subscription of fascinating curated historic document replicas. Themes include: Inventions, Transfer of Power, American Wars, and Diplomacy. Learn more here. 



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