About Us

          I love history! Perhaps because each time I encountered history, it seemed to be real and alive. I grew up hearing war stories from both of my grandfathers who were in the U.S. Military in WWII, I spent time working on Capitol Hill, and even gave tours of the U.S. Capitol building. When I studied history in public school and at University, however, I often found the reading dry and boring. 
          Learning history through cartoons is a fascinating way to engage with the past. Cartoons capture the events of a time from a different angle, often with humor. History is often captured in words, but historic cartoons allows us to engage with history through images.

          We founded Historic Cartoons to provide people with the opportunity to learn about history in a unique and engaging way. Learn about the Revolutionary War, the Civil Rights movement, and presidential history through seeing how cartoon artists depicted the events of their times. 

          We invite you to try a box (it also makes a great gift!), browse our blog, and like us on Facebook. We are excited to share with you the fascinating cartoons our team has selected.
          Be sure to also visit www.HistoryByMail.com for a monthly subscription of fascinating curated historic document replicas. Learn more here
          Thank you for your interest in history and happy learning!
                                                                                           -Historic Cartoon team